Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Russian we call people like me “a shoemaker without shoes”

I am designing logos for small companies I really enjoy it. I think that I have a knack for it; I like that it’s as much intellectual problem, as creative, and I enjoy the challenge of all the limitation that logo design has. I also like all the restrained elegant variations that you can do while designing a business card or a web-page header.

And I still don’t have a real logo of my own.

Well, I use a few versions of that little house design that I print on the back of my Christmas cards and on the mail labels and it sort of works as my brand is cowboy sense of the word, but I still have three completely different designs of my business card and no established logo. I tried a few times to finally deal with this problem (and maybe finally order proper business cards!) but it seems that I can’t come up with any idea when it comes to me. I can’t look at my business in perspective and get that one good association, good branding word or image that would state: “Aleutie Studio”.

Can anybody help me? Please?

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  1. Hmmmm... You know, how about a stylized drawing of a flower native to your home? (Sorry if I am being totally dumb)