Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh my, it's What's Hot, What's Not Wednsday already


- I made a sauerkraut! It's not very good, but for the first time it's OK

- I work non-stop, which is very good for a newborn business

- I finished a logo for Pink Elephant Photography - turned out very cute

- Three times in this week I went for a run. Good job!

- I got an "Any Language Card" order in German. Now I know how to say "Marry Christmas" in German: "Frohe Weihnachten!"

- I got an invitation from my friend and we are going to spend New Year's eve in Saint Francisco! If, of course I manage to buy tickets


- It turned out that it will be cheaper to buy plane tickets for a full price then to redeem the Air Miles and buy the miles we sort off. What's with that?

- I seems that I can't keep my apartment tidy, even to the very low standard. I don't know how other people do it. I just can't, it's overwhelming

- Can't find a book to read for my grandmother (I record an mp3 files with my voice). It's so frustrating, but it looks like every book I can put my hands on is ether about alcoholics, or full of sexual scenes or violent or annoyingly brain-twisting. There is nothing out there for a 90 year old lady.

- My Aleutie cards were regected by one of the Inuit galleries. It's not personal, they liked me, but they sell only artworks of the people who actually live in the Northern Therritories. Ugh...


  1. Ohhhh! The logo!!! (I am jumping up and down!!!)

    Yay to working a lot - this is a great thing as you said!

    Yay to NYE in SanFran!!!! This is just awesome! I looooove SF!

    How about some classic literature for your grandma? By the way - what a great idea recording your reading! Very thoughtful and sweet :-)

    Weird re: air miles - wth?!

    My house is a mess too - I have sort of given up until my business stuff is in order.

  2. I never realized that two of three of the Chechov's short stories are about alchogolics! 8-0 Rrrr