Friday, November 6, 2009


Yep, I am making sauerkraut! As in sour cabbage Polish style. Doesn't look very appetising, does it? And it hasn't started fermenting yet.
My parents are making it every fall in industrial scale. I never before had guts to make it by myself. There is a fermentation process involved, and I am not very good in home-based biochemical experiments. I can accidentally blow something up, you see. But I really, really miss this thing - you know, if you try it you get addicted. So - here it is: one 2.5 kg head of cabbage, three medium size carrots - chopped very thin, two very full table spoons of salt, a little bit of cumin (I couldn't find nether dill seeds nor caraway seeds so I substituted), mixed, pressed, put in a plastic bottle under the weight - a jar with water. Now I have to wait for three days, from time to time piercing the future sauerkraut to let the gasses go (yep, GASSES) then - add the sugar in the juice (mmmm, sour fermented cabbage juice) and we are going to try it! Can't wait!


  1. Ой, а у нас тоже бабушка заквасила капусту на днях:)... сравним результаты?

  2. Страшно представить, что у меня выродится :))