Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nine Oranges

I picked up a " blog flesh-mob" game thingy: the assignment is to present nine things of certain color from your environment. I got ORANGE and first i thought "that's easy, it's like my favourite color!" but then I spent over an hour hunting orange things in my apartment. So, here you are:

First orange thing that I noticed was me in orange tee:

This is a masala tea with spices. You need to get use to it, but it is so warming when you came home from a long walk:

This is what I wear when I go for a walk: my trench coat:

And these are my keys on a keychain with extendable line:

My trimmer - not so good for trimming cardstock btw. Need to buy me a guillotine type.

A gecco with magnetic legs. You see: he's giving up:

A business card from Pourquio Pas shop where I sell Aleutie cards:

A bottle stopper:

A bag from KGB Studio (how could I not buy it?):

Here it is: Nine Oranges!

If you wanna play, leave a comment and I will assign you a color.

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