Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo Cards Dilemma

Some of the weirdolls are really photogenic, so I decided to make some cards with them. If I manage to put the Weirdolls cards in the Montreal stores that will be great: not because I will get so much money out of this operation (still, little money is better then non), but this will be a free advertising for my Etsy shop (all the cards carry the logo and URL on the back).

I had some cardstock leftover from the Christmas Alutie run. So I tried that and the result was... Not satisfying to say at least. The colors were dark and not saturated, edges were not so sharp, - just not such a nice printing in general. Whatever they say on the cover - if it's not a real photo paper, it will not give you good results on an inkjet printer.

Well, I had the real deal Epson's mat photo paper - really nice, cardstock-heavy 11 by 8.5. I didn't have a chance to really try it - just this morning I finally got my ink shipment. But now I needed a photo background for girls and I didn't have too many good photos (everything is on the computer or on the discs this time, right?), so I printed a small photo that my husband has took last summer in Italy or in Switzerland: beautiful snow-covered mountains, blue sky, all this crap.

This picture turned out great. Really amazing. The colors are gorgeous, the smallest details are sharp as a razor, you couldn't say it was taken with point and click camera. So I took the hint and print out one weirdolls card on that paper.

Well, guys. the difference is H-U-G-E. You can see for yourself:

The smaller one at the top is the photo paper and the bigger one at the bottom - the cardstock. The photo paper is double-sided, which means - no logo print on the back. If I cut it in half, it comes roughly to A6 size, which means I can order whatever crazy colors envelopes I want. The only problem is: I would have to cut and score them by hand.

My craftsman's cutter doesn't do the job: it leaves really jaggedy edges. I can use it for scoring though. I looks like I am going to the city to buy a guillotine. Anyways, I am very happy with today. This photo paper was a really unexpected surprise. So I am moving on and starting to make a turkey breast for dinner.


  1. I am sooo going to the city to buy a guillotine today.