Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girls Night Out

I was always all pro "dinner made of appetizers" concept, and yesterday night we went to the perfect place to have exactly that: little restaurant "Les Saveurs" at the Plateau. It is a Mediterranean fusion place, where you can have a normal three course dinner or you can tapas away! Which we did exactly: ordered four tapas each, so it was four times three: twelve delish appetizers to share. Let me try to remember what we had.

- tasty fried sardines
- juicy lamb leg with prunes
- warm fried goat cheese
- succulent fried calamari
- insanely spicy shrimps
- not so insanely spicy shrimps
- deviled mussels
- spicy apples in a blue cheese sauce
- some other little fried fish
- something else with lamb
- rabbit in a pot
- smocked salmon

And we all have chocolate mousse filled crepes afterwards!

I was carelessly mixing red and white wine - and, au contraire to the common believe - I have absolutely no headache today.

And look - Lana created this cutest vector portrait of me:

This is from her brand-new blog Luminillustrations check it out.


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I do the exact same thing -- why order one dish when you can have a medley of amazing flavors to choose from? I absolutely love fried calamari and cheese. See if grilled octopus is on the menu next time you go, it's really yummy with olive oil, vinegar and oregano.
    Cute portrait!

  2. I LOVE tiny baby octopus! Yumm :)

  3. Ohh... How fun! Love tapas! WHat I also love is that every restaurant comes up with something different too - no two tapas alike :-) Nice portrait!

  4. I am willing to try dofferent tapas place, this is the concept I can embrace!