Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Special Jewelry from Etsy

Today I want to present three original jewelry makers. Each on of them has their recognizable style. Unfortunately my right hand still hurts, so I will be brief today.

Here is a very typical sweet and girly piece made by Laura of Sweet Findings 4 You.

Artist's Trademarks:
- contemporary asymmetrical designs
- nature inspired pieces
- brass twigs

And this is a monocle necklace made and beautifully photographed by Renee of ReneeLoughlin's Shop.

Artist's Trademarks:
- vintage inspired designs
- using unusual salvaged objects
- monocles and cameos

And this picture is straight from Etsy's front page: enchanting glass acorn hand-made by Beth of bullseyebeads.

Artist's Trademarks:
- homemade glass drops
- antique copper
- real acorn cups

Thank you guys for being a part of this showtout. You are great!

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