Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank God it's... Saturday?

I can’t believe this week is finally over. On Wednesday, I think, I started to feel like it is Friday. So till actual Friday I already accumulated quite a big burden of disappointment. I suddenly realised that I am beyond tired. I am so tired I can’t stop working: an anxiety is pushing me forward. I am waking up around 7, and I start to do stuff on my computer while I am waiting for coffee. And in evening I have to turn my computer down to prevent myself from getting back. Sort of physically force myself to relax: watch TV or something of this sort. My husband is saying: “Stop working, you have to relax! Go do something else,” – but I don’t know what to do. I honestly get all perplexed when I stop working: what else is out there? Thank god we are going to a party tonight, because I still have no idea what I suppose to do if I stop? When I stop writing this – what am I going to do next? I am so not zen.


  1. You made me laugh!
    Just be glad that you actually like your work; imagine if you didn't? Now, that would be scary... But I do totally understand what you mean. Sometimes we just go and go and go so much that we forget how to pause, be still and enjoy a moment.

  2. Oh, I had quite a few jobs that I hated! At my last job in retail I once almost cried from happyness when my manager asked me to do something remotely creative: to come up with a layout for sweaters on the table. At that point I realized that I had to run! :))