Friday, March 5, 2010

Weirdolls' Contest Results: Two is Better than One!

The First Weirdolls Contest and Giveaway is OVER. I would like to thank everyone for your participation. During this week weirdolls found many new friends and this is wonderful news!

As you know, the question was: Who among weirdolls speaks Spanish? And actually there were two of them: Manon, who now lives and practices her language skills in the United States, and Consuela, who quickly picked up Spanish after Manon left. So everybody who answered “Manon” or “Consuela” was right!

Therefore, I decided to do not one, but two draws! And the quick and observant guys who discovered Manon’s language skills are up first.

Beware, the Ruffle King has spoken!

Congrats, Berry Fish!
And next all of you, guys, who appreciated Consuela’s special charm. The Ruffle King is up:

Felicitation, Peanut!

The winners please, contact me at to make arrangements for you custom order.

Wait, this is not all I have for you, guys.

To sweeten the deal for everyone who wasn’t lucky today I announce FREE SHIPMENT WEEKEND! Starting tonight and through the whole weekend of March 6 and 7 all shipment prices at Weirdolls shop will be set on zero. Which is very good news, because the shipment isn’t cheap (I know, but this is the best I can do with Canada Post). So this is a perfect time to snitch your favourite girl before someone else did it.

Thank you again for participation! I will absolutely do it again, it was fun. Have a great weekend, guys, and enjoy Spring!


  1. Oh my god!!! I won?!!! Seriously?! I never win anything - it even took me a while to realize that Peanut is me! LOL YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!! HOW COOOL!!!!!

  2. It is you, no other Peanut :) Congrats!