Monday, March 29, 2010

What I really like to talk about...

Weird, I can't upload a picture... Anyways, I was in a such a good mood yesterday evening. For some reason I stopped worrying sick about a success of my little entreprise, stopped saying myself that I never would get anywhere with my silly unrealistic projects and in general - stopped freaking out.

Maybe it was just a result of a good grocery shopping. I love food, food makes me feel good about myself and about the world. We went to the Asian supermarket (they have a greeting door that never fails to scare the crap out of me) where we bought fish, soy sauce and some other creepy specialties, including dried squid. Right there, in the local China town, consisting of a named supermarket, a dozen restaurants and a Chinese-speaking ATM, there is a wonderful fancy tea shop. We bought some good oolong for me a lichee red tea for my man and get two more stamps in the loyalty card. Two steps closer to something - I actually don't even know what we get after filling all little squares.

Then we went to the fruitterie and bought gorgeous leafy greens, and beans, and tomatoes (not so good, it's still a greenhouse season), and yellow mango and a half of papaya. And we got two baguettes at the nearby boulangerie. (BTW, do you know how to spot a good bread? It's very noisy. Crunchy crust) Then was a stop at the regular supermarket (where I managed to pin Weirdolls shop add) where we bough everything else - dairy, meat, olive oil etc. We still have some vine so no liqueur store this time.

On our way home I went to visit kittens in a pet store (I adore cats, but can't have one) and found a full-blown Easter petting zoo in front of it. They had a llama, a few little goats, a huge loud gander and a tiny cute piglet (smaller then Babe, I am telling you). They also have enough of goslings, chicks and bunnies - some of them lop-eared - sooo cute! They let you feed the goats and pet everything you can reach. Animals and participating children all looked happy and dirty.

So when I got home I was in a very good mood and I decided to starting taking care of myself. Meaning - to get some exercise. Because when you cook and eat like me and spend your day in front of the computer - you are moving in a very bad direction. I thought that starting this Monday I will

1) go for a ether walk or run or bike ride every day
2) stop eating in front of TV
3) cook greens every day, even on Friday
and maybe
4) stop worry so much and reconquer my zen. Because I clearly remember I used to have one.

Very good plan. But today it's raining! And the rain is not the biggest problem: it's cold and windy and soo nasty outside. So what the girl can do? I am trying a rolls recipe I found on Internet.


  1. Dear Julia, please don't freak out... I KNOW you'll be very successful! :) You have such a great ammount of talent and everything you do has a bright originality to it. Just keep doing what you're doing! Your blog always makes me smile!!

  2. Thank you so much, Sara, you are a pal! I need encouragement sometimes :)

  3. I love your list - I think I need to do the same! : )