Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bleached Jacket and Pearls

By multiple requests I am starting to publish my outfits. Maybe it bring me some fame and money as it did in Russia a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Here I am, going to the library.

As I mentioned before, chlorine bleach shouldn’t be combined with free time on hands. But in this case the result was actually quite nice. I just splashed bleach all over the cheap denim jacket – and voila! – a designer’s item.

Why this outfit is good:

1) It looks trendy, but it’s as cheap as it gets. No-name home-altered jacket, H&M skirt, 3 years old boots (and I am planning to get even more mileage out of them), very inexpensive fake pearls, shades from a pharmacy counter and the shirt was the best deal of all – a gift.

2) I really like combination of soft pseudo-neutrals. I think it looks so sophisticated. So sophisticated, in fact, that some people still think it’s bad taste. Like gray with brown, or in this picture – gray with light denim and “distressed camel” as the shoe box said. I have very American taste in fashion: I like sporty neutrals with a splashes of primal colors. And this red bag (and some red in the top’s design) is absolutely enough. The whole outfit is nicely put together color-wise.

3) I cherished the idea of wearing pearls with bleached denim for a whole year probably. God knows how did I come up with it, but the bleached spots – some of them are almost round - and the round pearls are so cute together. Style-contradictory and shape-consistent.
4) This outfit looks great in movement. For me it is the utmost important quality of the outfit. If you can’t move in it, if it looks good only when you are standing still – it’s just a bad job.

Why this outfit is bad:

1) This jacket doesn’t actually fit me well, as any item with stiff shoulder seams. I have wide and square shoulders (last time I was in a wardrobe fitting, the girl in a costume department was calling her colleagues: “Come see – she doesn’t need shoulder pads! Look how funny!” – such a nice girl…). So every shoulder seam if it’s stiff enough goes from the shoulder straight to my ear and the back of a jacket or whatever it is collapses. I sort of doomed to wear jersey. But sometimes I rebel.

2) The skirt is a little flimsy for me, I don’t have much of curves, hence, I need structure. But it is soo comfortable, which makes the outfit very easy to wear – see par. 4 of the previous part.

Now let me see what you are wearing this Spring!


  1. Yes. Yess! I totally wear pearls with bleached denim. No, it's actually worse, I wear it with a worn light-grey wifebeater, old bleached and very worn jeans and sneakers so old that they've lost their original pale pink colour. Ok, sometimes I might wear martens instead.

    Well, it all looks totally easy, feminine and cool while I am walking. It gets much worse as soon as I appear next to my car, an always dirty 20 yrs old japaner. Well, then I actually start looking like I'm homeless. But yes, bleacher does good things to denim. So do scissors.

  2. I love scissors. My favourite.

  3. You look great! And I love the boots -- they look like the type that actually get better with age. I have a pair of cowboy boots that I've had for... nevermind that :) the point is that they are even better splattered with paint and creased and worn to bits. Great post!

  4. That's right, cowboy boots rules! BTW, I found out that Russians call them "Cossack boots" :)

  5. This is really cute. I like your dolls too! But to be honest, I like real pearls. But these fake ones look very pretty!
    Valery T.