Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cheesy Puffs a'la Fluxplay

Almost a month ago Maria of Fluxplay Jewellery (check out her fun and very original creation at her Etsy shop) posted a recipe for Cheese Scones that looked very tempting. I planned to make those - well, for three weeks. Every time I missed something, some ingredient (it's four ingredients altogether by the way). Good cheddar cheese was the piece de resistance, because I live in a country of nasty orange stuff (we do have plenty of soft cheeses - but for this recipe they are no go). So today I finally said myself: come on, girl, just make it with what you have. And so I did.

Since I did fluctuate from the original recipe (sorry, Maria!), I wouldn't dare to call my creation "cheese scones". Let us call it Cheesy Puffs. They don't look exactly like Maria's and I am sure they don't taste like the real deal. Heck, I put mozzarella and parmezano in it instead of cheddar. But - here my own little cheesies. Ta-daaa...

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  1. Thankyou! Well they look just as yummy! Hey, you should try and float 2 or 3 in a soup as dumplings!mmmmmmm.