Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hussar's Pocket

I wanted to try my new fancy flat frying pan and make something comforting. Because this healthy eating is starting to drive me crazy, you know. So I decided to make a hussar's pocket just for myself.

Hussar's pocket is a potato-based stuffed turnover, basically, a cross-bread between a pan-fried calzone and a huge hush brown. You can choose whatever stuffing you want - hence the name "hussar's pocket". I assume, in hussar's pocket you could find pretty much anything.

I made mine with mozzarella cheese, but you can also put ground meat (pre-cooked), or mushrooms, or other veggies. First, you shred 2 - 3 potatoes and mix them with one egg and about one table spoon of flour. Then you spread it on bottom of the the pan, making a thin layer like this:

Let it golden on one side and then add your filling (everything should be pre-cooked, except for maybe cheese) and fold the pocket in two by turning one side over, like this:

Pour just a little bit of hot water, cover and cook for 5 - 7 minutes, until the potato is cooked. And this is how hussar's pocket should look like when it's ready:

Now, this is a HUGE portion. I ate it up and almost die. You probably want to share it with somebody. Bon appetite!


  1. This looks delicious AND I already have all the ingredients SO I think I'll just have to whip me up a cheesy hussar's pocket this weekend :)

  2. Just don't forget to salt it!

  3. Oh yum, that's gonna be me this Saturday morning. Did you ever try the cheese scones by the way? ;-)