Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Prose at "Proza"

A couple of days ago my husband said to me:

"I bet all your old contract with publishers are over".

I agreed that it could be possible. I published my three books in the times when even major Russian publishing houses didn't want to hold you for a long time: five years, often even three. I think they just weren't expecting to be in the business for much longer.

"So why don't you put some of your old stuff on Internet? - he asked. "It's not like you are planning to sell it again, don't you?"

Again, I agreed that I probably wouldn't try to sell the books again. Honestly: am fed up with Russian publishing and don't expect to get any money out of it anymore. Not if I ever did. the money, I mean: they paid me some ridiculous amount, I am not even telling you how much, but it was less then you can imagine.

"Well, if you are not getting any money out of it, - he continued, - why don't you get some fame? Put it in free public access. Let people read, let them see how awesome you are!"

At the beginning I was sceptical: for no reason, actually. Probably the stigma of the very word "self-publishing" crept me out. But then I re-read my first book and though: what the hell? I am awesome! And people should know about it!

So if you read Russian, here it is: my library at - it is a well-known self-publishing web-site. There is only one book there right now (and my melancholic photo), but I am planning to post everything I have (and what is royalty-free at this time). Stay tuned! I am going to be soooooo famous... Look I already have 47 readers - more then this blog, actually.


  1. What a great decision Julia, I agree with you and your husband. Internet has changed these days...Wish I could read Russian *sigh*

    And you are so beautiful! It was really nice to see your photo :)