Monday, August 30, 2010

Whale Watching in Tadoussac

- You see all zis frog? Bad frog today! Difficult to see! - yelled our boat captain when we were cruising Saint Laurence estuary.

Well that was an understatement of the century. Here is what we actually could see around us:

"Frog" all the way around. Unlucky, huh?.. The owner of our cute bad and breakfast informed us that morning:

- There was two days with no sun this summer. Today is the second!

The town was absolutely beautiful, floating in white nothingness.

It was relatively warm, also we put on, as recommended, sweaters, windbreakers, hats and gloves. Our Zodiac took 12 people on board: six of us an a gang of German tourists. When they learned that two of us spoke German, they got so excited - I thought they would scare all marine life away from the bay.

The whale itself doesn't look too impressive on the photo, because the whale has not only dimensions, but also duration. Here is what it look like on a picture:

But if you go to my Flickr, you'll see how it looks like on a motion picture, and that is another, very different story!

Anyways, it was a very fun trip, although on our way back we got into what my husband called "hamster-dumpster". We are OK, but the front bumper is a goner.

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