Monday, November 15, 2010

Any Given Sunday. And some Mondays on TSC...

Hello, dear readers! Are you there? As you can see, I changed the design of the blog, made it much more light for uploading and easier on the eye.

I can't believe I am writing this, but I found a new love in my life. Yep, it happened. I fell in love with football. No, not soccer. Nothing sophisticated and/or European for me. I adore that ruthless, pan-American, cruel boy's game that I used to hate.

Actually, just recently I didn't care about sports at all. I didn't understand why people spent their weekend staring in TVs there some other people sweating and hurting themselves. My mom, for example: she virtually arranged her life around tennis tournaments and Olympic games. As in "I am taking vacation for Winter Olympics".

Apparently, I carried something in my genes - some sleeping gene that is responsible for loving sports. And two weeks ago it suddenly woke up. A caterpillar turned into a butterfly. A ribs-eating, beer-drinking, swearing and screaming on TV butterfly.

My hubby is terrified. He married this normal, quiet, nerdy, intellectual I would even say, girl who was spending every free minute reading. Now, any given Sunday I am in front of TV for hours (!), yelling, jumping and behaving irrationally. I am telling you: I am this close from putting a Peyton Manning poster on my bedroom wall (well, I suspect that this is the point where my husband will put his foot down).

So - here is my new illustration for you to enjoy and go Colts! and Cowboys... and Browns... and maybe Giants too.