Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My first bread!

I baked my own bread. For real. Without a machine, the old-school way, in the oven. It was surprisingly easy: the whole process, including letting the dough rise and baking, took about 2 hours. I used a whole-wheat flour that I have bought by accident (the package looked almost exactly the same as all-purpose) and a regular dry yeast.

I used this tutorial for reference (although I didn't have loaf pans and I cut all the ingredients in half) and I made the loaf the way I saw on TV: little round double-decker, that came out a little bit too high, because the dough was, I think, a little bit too stiff. Anyhow, I am mighty proud of myself. Yet another culinary summit was conquered!


  1. cograts- enjoy your efforts it looks really yummy~ from another Julia who bakes bread, and is a writer and illustrator- but collage artist!

  2. Hey, Julia :) nice to meet you!