Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sassy Kids Calendar is Out!

Well, I finally finished and listed at my Etsy shop my first Illustrated Calendar with twelve drawings of very sassy, very stylish kids. I drew the illustrations in ink first, then scanned them and transformed into vector files, and after that colored and finely tuned them in Adobe Photoshop. I printed this calendar on a special very heavy mat Epson paper that is perfect for ink jet printers. A color reproduction is great, all the colors are bright and gorgeous (something that I missed last year with the old cardstock that made the printout sort of ashy).

I am particularly proud of my little "invention" - all pages are perforated to go into a standard ring binder. You can put the calendar into your school binder or into ring-bonded agenda and keep it handy all the time. The pages can be used as monthly dividers. The paper is not coated - so you can write on the pages and mark all your special dates.

I am planning to print out and list the same calendar with non-perforated pages for people who would prefer to keep it on the desk or pin it to the billboard. I am also working on a nice gift packaging (right now I am packing it the most economical way to make the shipment charge as low as possible). I would be in the store, looking for boxes right now, if not for the plumber, smashing something in my bathroom :)


  1. Wow!
    Finally!!! So sweety, so pretty :)
    Je le prends.
    I want to order one immediately.