Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday in the park

Yesterday I recruited our friends for my first outside photo shoot with a new camera. Although it was a little bit dark already (at 3 PM it’s already getting dark, so annoying), I managed to snatch a few pretty shots.

This is what I learned as a new SLR owner during this packed with useful experience shoot:

1) Don’t be a smartass: stick to the pre-programmed settings and you’ll be golden

2) Put everybody against a contrasting background

3) If the model is cute – it sure helps a lot!

4) Use continuous shooting mode like there is no tomorrow

5) Best models are children and adults when they act silly

6) And at the end there is always Photoshop


  1. Looks fun! Hope the camera is growing on you.

  2. I am learning, bit by bit. This is really exciting! :))