Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Work, prize and a finger

I have started a new project today - quite big and important to me. It is a little bit outside of my comfort zone - just enough to be challenging and, therefor, interesting, but not too much so I would be overwhelmed. I am collaborating with an art director now (who is based in Germany) - which is, again, all new and fresh for me. Surprisingly, I don't find it too difficult, despite all my famous authority problems. I sort of enjoy sharing responsibility for a change.

Another great news: I won a print by Alanna Cavanagh - Toronto's own print maker and illustrator, who's work I have been admiring for a while now. So I am waiting impatiently for my prize to arrive. I never saw a real hand-made screen-printed artwork up close before. I am going to examine it very very close; I am putting my nose right to the paper (but I will be extremely careful!)! I always amaze me how real artworks are made - not this digital processed stuff, but the real one, that was actually made with human hands. Really, so cool!

Not so good news is that I managed to snip a good piece of my index finger with a damn sharp knife - TWICE! - in three days. Yeah, I almost lost a nail. Good that it was my left hand which is purely ornamental, so I still can work. Can't type so good though...

And here is a portrait of a tangerine I made. If you click on it, you'll jump to a big picture that you can use on your desktop background - I did :^)

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