Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hubby shaved off a beard that he grew in Greece, which means holidays are officially over.

What can I tell you about Athens? Athens doesn't look like a city where you can drink tap water. But you can! It doesn't look like a place where you can safely walk round without an armed bodyguard. But it is!

 Way too many buildings in central Athens look like this. Run down, derelict, ruined. Actually, ancient ruins in Athens look much better then the regular buildings.
 Every centimeter of walls is covered with graffiti,  the streets are dirty and you really need to look where you step.
 But from pretty much every building you have a magnificent view over Acropolis. This is the view from the roof of our hotel. It took us about half an hour to climb all the way to the top. Considering the weather (it was +37C every freaking day the whole week), it was quite a workout.
 The Parthenon is partially covered with scaffolding and partially - with tourists.
 Caryatides of Erechtheion look exactly as they do in every textbook.
 A massive restoration project was started in 1975 and is going on. All ancient stone fragments are getting collected and reassembled, the walls are getting patched with new marble blocks (the lighter ones).

Woo-hoo! It was hot.
Researchers were scannng the pieces of marble under a huge umbrella.

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  1. ooh, thanks for taking me along for the trip! I love seeing places I've never been.