Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's Hot, What's Not Wensday

This is the second time I do it and I like it. It helps to take a grip on my life, to remember things, to see in perspective.


- Since I didn’t feel well, I had an excuse to do some pleasant, just-for-fun reading. And I swallowed THREE Hercules Poirot novels in one week-end!

- I was told by my customer that she wants to collect my Aleutie cards. It was so nice of her. Love to be loved :)

- I found a gift for my grandmother’s birthday: a cute cup with a lid. Granny always leaves her tea to cool down for a while so she will actually use it. It is a challenge to find a present for a 90 year old lady who almost never leaves the house and doesn’t knit.

- I bought green tights. Yes, dark forest green cotton opaque. They go well with both pair of my fall boots: the camel color slouchy cowboy one and the purple suede high one.

- We went to my favourite restaurant: Mongolian Hot Pot. At that place I completely loose control and the thin layer of civilization melts down from me. My wild Mongolian ancestors rise in my subconscious and take me over. I champ, chew with my mouth open, throw raw meat in a boiling pot with fierce roar and slurp the noodle from the bowl like some sort of a slurping animal. And I eat more than a big man. This time wasn’t different. After I finished three standard plates (it’s all-you-can-eat buffet) I was taken home with a bloated belly and a happy smile on my greasy face.

- To the same subject: I saw the movie “Mongol” about the rise of Genghis. It was better, then I expected.


- Because of the stormy weather I didn’t go to the zombie walk in downtown on Halloween. No to the party.

- I don’t feel so peachy lately. All the time I am sleepy and have no energy.

- I do not participate in National Writing Month. It’s a pity.

- I didn’t notice how the week passed. Not very zen of me.

- I keep writing stupid things and make ridiculous and probably annoying mistakes in English. It upsets me more then you can imagine. Every time I am writing something I have to check every word and after that - is it "then" or "than"? was it "response" or "respond"? and how many time I wrote "crad" instead of "card"? It's exhausting. Gosh I envy people who can blog and talk every day in (not "on", Julie, in!) their own language.


  1. I actually enjoy how you misspell words - very cute, trust me! :-)

  2. I find buying for my 94 year old Grandmother so hard too. She doesn't want any more "clutter" so we have to give her chocolates so that she can use them up (or give them away I think!). The cup is a lovely idea.